Feng Shui And The Wandering Stars

The wandering stars fengshui master singapore manifest.

In the Eight Mansions method it is interesting to find out when a wandering star can manifest itself.

For positive stars shengqi (greedy wolf) and fuwei (right and left wizard), wood energy, pig, rabbit and goat years and months are likely to manifest their energy.

For the yannian positive star (military arts), metal energy, the years and months where it can manifest most strongly are snake, rooster and buffalo.

The negative wandering star chueh Ming or juemig (broken soldier), metal energy, manifests itself in the same years and months as the yannian star.

For the positive star tianyi, earth energy, the years and months of probable manifestation are dragon, dog, buffalo, goat, horse and tiger.

The negative wandering star of hohai earth (rewards) manifests the same years and months as the tianyi star.

For the negative wandering star luisha (literary arts), water energy, the years and months of manifestation are monkey, rat and dragon.

For the negative star wu kwei or wugui (chastity), fire energy, the years and months of possible manifestation are tiger, horse and dog.

These considerations lead us to pay attention to the stars that may appear in the current year, the year of the dog. Such stars are tianyi, ground positive star, hohai, and negative earth star, and wugui, negative star of fire.

Now we can locate your position inside the house.

For example, for a Tui house, west seat, the southwest palace has the tianyi star, which is favorable for health and longevity throughout the year. Also during the months dragon, dog, buffalo, goat, horse and tiger.

In the north palace is the hohai star, which represents moderate bad luck. This star has the same temporal path as tianyi,. And in the south palace is wugui, which can bring some problems in personal relationships in the year of the dog and in the month’s tiger, horse and dog.

Posted on October 15, 2018 at 06:03 PM

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