Pest Control in Hotels

In a hotel, guests are the priority. At that time pest control experience is needed in Curitiba , keeping unwanted visitors away from the site. That way, only people will live in the hotel rooms. Having a team of experts focused on disinfection and disinfestation of the site will reduce the risks of pest infestations by keeping rooms available and protecting your reputation

How to protect my hotel?

To protect hotels it is important to evaluate solutions to meet the specific needs that each one faces. A trained technician will visit your facility to see what the traps and signs of pest activity are , identify the risks, and give proper guidelines to reduce the risks of new pests in the future.

The pest control is critical to the hotels especially for its vulnerability to threats that they provide , and also by the impact that pests can have on your reputation. If there is a problem, a specialist company will come quickly to help.

The main pest threats that the guest rooms face are, among others, mosquitos or mosquitoes, cockroaches , termites and bed bugs. The prevention processes should be incorporated into the routine, not only of the service of governance, but of all the employees of the hotel. Prevent and detect as soon as possible and, if there are any traces of pests , applying the treatment immediately ensures safety for other parts of the enterprise.

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We can guide your employees to help them identify the first signs of pest control.

So your employees will be able to identify a problem with plagues earlier so that it can be reported and handled more quickly and quickly, which makes all the difference.


Reduces treatment time - early actions allow for a faster response to the problem, which helps reduce the amount of time needed for effective control.

Reduces costs - Early action can have a huge impact on the cost of a treatment needed to successfully pest control .

It protects your reputation - in the case of hotels,  bed bugs in particular, pose a significant threat. The detection early of pests will ensure that your hotel can control the problem quietly without any impact or damage to their guests. This will ensure that your pest problem does not reach the public sphere, helping to protect your brand and reputation.

Posted on July 13, 2018 at 01:11 PM

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