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Organizing your kitchen brings a lot of practicality to the day to day. By placing utensils that have the same function in an orderly way, you optimize your time and bring more agility to your tasks. Separating well-spaced dishes, plastic pots, pans, refractories and seasoning jars is one of the first key steps to make your kitchen more functional.

Begin by giving a general in the closet, removing all objects from inside the furniture and wiping a damp cloth to remove the dust, preferably with a combination of water and coconut soap.

Then, to organize dishes, always think of an organization scheme where the same types and sizes are grouped together, to avoid heavier dishes on top of other more fragile ones and to make it easier to take them out at meal times. Give preference to batteries of a maximum of 10 units each, again to avoid weight overload.

Store the pots in drawers or even under the sink, with the smaller ones being stored inside the larger ones, to save space. Leave more accessible the pans that are used more constantly, putting shapes and refractories that are occasionally used more for the bottom of the furniture. Hooks or nails can be placed on cabinet doors to hang pot lids more easily.

For the pots and tupperwares, gather your entire collection and find the lid of each container. Choose a part of your closet to hold all, with a separate compartment just for the covers, so there is no mess. Smaller pots can also be stored inside larger pots if there is a need for space savings.

Glass refractories are parts that require more care and therefore it is necessary to avoid stacking sleepers in kitchen because there is a possibility that the weight will end up cracking the one underneath. Try to dedicate a larger space to these parts, avoiding overload.

Glasses should always be accessible and close to the filter or refrigerator, favoring everyday practicality, and cutlery can be arranged in the cabinet drawers, in order of use and size.

The tip for seasonings is to always identify them with labels, to avoid disasters when it comes to cooking. Oregano and basil are very similar inside the pot, but give a very different taste in your recipe.

With small, easy-to-carry tips, the kitchen adapts to your everyday life and makes it easy to take on the housework. 

Posted on July 13, 2018 at 01:10 PM

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