Interior Design: 15 Tips to Decorate Like a Professional

If you are one of those who like to put their hands in the dough, who are not afraid to dare and love to respond "I did it!" When someone praises something nice in your house, believe me: we understand you, my friend! It is super possible to venture into small, medium or large Interior Design, even being totally uninitiated in the subject.

Check out the Interior Design tips that we have for you that want a simple and inexpensive decoration and want to play in this adventure:

1-Inspire yourself:

First of all, ask yourself what you like. Enjoy a younger, lighter decor? How about a more vintage inspiration? Do you like everything well colored or are you fan of a cleaner style? Having these answers can help a lot when it comes to giving a northern interior decoration of rooms, rooms and other environments of your home!

2 - Release:

If you do not plan to start your decor from scratch, separate everything you will not use any more! Get rid of objects and furniture that you do not use or that are only accumulating dust. With a more empty environment, it is much easier to see the space you have available at home. Way better, right ?!

3 - Understand the dimensions:

You need to know the size of the environments in your home. Measure the rooms you want to decorate and write down everything! This will help when choosing the furniture. Take measurements from the walls and also the measurements from the bottom of the windows so as not to miss the height. Another measure that should not be forgotten is that of the right foot of the room, that is, the height that goes from the floor to the ceiling. In  kitchens and bathrooms , also take measurements of the siphon and the water and gas outlets. It sounds annoying, but believe me: this can prevent a lot of headaches later!

4 - Draw:

Is not drawing your forte? It does not matter. Draw freehand, as you can, the environments that will be decorated. Remember the measurements you did there in item 2? Time to transfer them to your drawing! If you already have some furniture, measure them too and insert the drawing you made. So you will not be surprised when buying other items.

5 - Take photos:

A good way for you to better visualize the environment you want to decorate is to photograph it. Photos can also help others visualize what you intend to do. This can be a hand in the wheel and even helps to leave the interior decoration simple and cheap

6 - Technology in your favor:

There are several apps aimed at simple Interior Design, but they can help you a lot when you better understand their environments. The Photo Measures Lite application  , for example, helps you save measurements of each space. The Magic Plan is great for setting up a low floor of your home. Already the Coral Visualizer helps in choosing the colors for your walls, including matching furniture you already have.

7 - Visit stores:

Beat your leg! Go to the decor stores or furniture and get inspired! No time for this? No problem! Use the internet as a super ally! At  LojasKD you can find various Interior Design items and also make tours in the shop environments. All online! The Internet is too much, right?

8 - Plan your expenses:

Having a budget to do what you need is very efficient. It does not always work to decorate the house all at once, but you can first decorate the room with the highest priority. Oh, and make budgets! Research the price of service providers such as carpenters, painters, electricians. Write down everything and get organized before you go shopping!

9 - Colors:

Choose a color palette. You can do this, based on the colors of the coatings, such as floors or colors of existing walls. Another nice way is to base yourself on some specific item, such as a piece of art, a rug, a painting, or even an arrangement that you already have and enjoy.

10 - Play with the colors:

With the established palette it's time to start combining. Keep in mind that in interior decoration of  bedrooms , living rooms , kitchens and bathrooms, neutral colors go well on large items that are not changed frequently, such as the  sofa or the dining table . The more colorful shades can go to the walls or in detail like frames or cushions. These are items that can be easily changed if you get bored and want to totally change your d├ęcor again.

11. Use antique furniture:

You know that thing about your great-grandmother's grandmother? Get the hang of it! Often antique furniture is family heirloom and it is well worth putting them in the spotlight. For this, place a paper or a different painting on the wall where they will be positioned or, a light directed to detach it. Another very cool option is to repaginate it with a different and vibrant color, giving prominence to the piece in a more neutral environment. Think he will still be in the family for the younger generations.

12 - Amplitudes:

Did you know that it is possible to enlarge or lower an environment using the right colors? According to the interior designer Karen Goulart, rooms with little circulation like toilets, entrance hall and grills allow a more loaded decoration in the colors. Already environments where people spend a lot of time, like rooms and rooms, ask for neutral colors. "Warmer colors can get boring easily, but of course there are exceptions. Everything is a matter of the taste of each one. "It is still a golden rule: strong colors on the walls give warmth and diminish the environment, light colors give amplitude and a cleaning air to the house.

13 - Create:

Do not despise your creative potential! How about trying some DIY (or "Do It Yourself")? Having in your home pieces that were made by you is something very special! It could be a comic book, an old piece of furniture that you have even reformed, or even a pillow you have sewn yourself! Release the artist that exists in you!

14 - On the ground:

Changing the floor, apart from not being very practical and leaving the house a mess, can also be expensive. A good idea to change the decoration of your living room or rooms in a practical, quick and much more economical way is to use PVC-based vinyl flooring. Some models work with docking, which does not require the use of glue. In addition, they can be super versatile as they are found in different textures, colors and finishes.

15 - Your house, your face:

Let your house talk about you! Use objects that have to do with your style to decorate the environments. Hobbies, your work and personalities that you admire can be part of this. Parts purchased during your travels are also a great option!

Posted on July 13, 2018 at 01:10 PM

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