5 Tips for Combining Furniture in Your Home's Decor

Composing home decor is something that demands time and energy, especially if you plan to buy the furniture slowly. During the composition of your home style, a mistake can end up causing a mess. To help you avoid this kind of situation, we've separated 6 amazing tips to match furniture in your home decor simply and elegantly.

Keep following the reading and be surprised:

Plan the home environment

Going out to buy furniture is a difficult and delicious task at the same time. But the chances of you falling in love with a mobile and then realizing that it does not fit anything in the composition of the environment are great.

So before you go shopping, mentally plan - or on paper, if you are a methodical person - how you would like each environment to look like. It is worth seeking inspiration in magazines and on the internet.

Try not to buy anything that is too far from what was originally planned. This helps keep all the environments in the house visually harmonious and sophisticated.

Bet on neutral color furniture

Furniture such as sofas, tables, shelves or cabinets are usually prominent within the environment. Buying them in more neutral colors is therefore an efficient strategy in home decorating - and avoids regrets.

This does not mean that you should buy everything in white, black, gray or earthy tones. It just means that if you see an "egg-yellow" or "purple-orange" sofa, it might be interesting to think twice about how it will fit into your living room.

Give a touch of prints and colors

If you have, in fact, purchased a large amount of furniture in neutral tones, you can play at ease with prints and colors of smaller furniture. Lamps, cushions and sideboards in a room, for example, can bring strong, contrasting colors to balance the mood.

In addition to giving more life to the house, this creates a touch of personality to your home, sweet home.

Invest in decorative objects

If you have in a new and old furniture environment that does not match, but for which you have a great appreciation, try to make sense of the differences by adding some decorative objects that talk to the whole room.

If your bedroom has a cleaner style and an antique dresser, get vintage or retro decor and mix the 2 styles. So, it does not look like the dresser "should not be there," but that was a special touch given to the room.

Restore old furniture

A practical and creative way of composing an environment is to repaginate the old furniture. If you have a coffee table that does not really fit into the style you would like for the environment, for example, paint another color or try to fit it into another part of the house, such as the porch.

Restoring antique furniture can be a simple solution to suit more modern decorations, while helping to make any environment harmonious and sophisticated.

Posted on July 13, 2018 at 01:06 PM

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