DIY Wedding - Easy Ideas for Your Party

DIY (Do It Yourself) is great for giving a more personal touch to the wedding. We split 5 simple projects for those who like the idea, but do not have much time.

Making the details of your own wedding is a trend that is coming very hard to Brazil and winning the hearts of the brides. To stay out of it and to enjoy even more the organization of your party, take inspiration from these super easy ideas that will make all the difference in your big day.

Table decorations

Very simple and with a dash of sustainability, these arrangements can also help to save on the DIY decor. Just a few bottles or glass jars, rope or ribbons and flowers.

Origami Bouquet

If you have a little patience and manual skill, bet on a bouquet of origami! It is possible to make several different flowers, you can choose the one you like or mix the styles. Colorful papers make the DIY bouquet even more beautiful.

Photo wall

Nothing better than pictures to tell your love story. Just print your favorite photos and mount the mural the way you like. Clothesline, collage, framed photos - the possibilities are endless.

Slippers for the guests

How about innovating the exit of the bride and groom? Instead of the traditional shower of rice, guests can shake ribbons to greet the newlyweds. This project is very simple and you can use colored ribbons or of different fabrics.

Accessories for photos

Everyone loves photos. And the accessories are a great incentive for guests to take photos more fun and let everything else excited! In another post we will put some models of accessories for you to print and do at home.

Posted on July 13, 2018 at 01:02 PM

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