Do It Yourself in The Decor: Check Out 3 Amazing Ideas!

To transform the look of your home, you do not always have to hire professionals, buy new furniture or spend lots of money on renovations. With some do-it-yourself decoration techniques, a trend originated from "do it yourself" (DIY), it is possible to renew the environment without regret in the pocket.

Like the idea? So check out 3 simple to-run tips to make your home with more personality! In addition to offering possibilities for renewal, these ideas can be executed in the family, becoming a joint activity and fun.

1. Recycle the glass jars

Do not throw out the preserved pots or that aquarium that is no longer useful. These objects can be availed to make crafts that give a special touch to the decoration. Here are some ways to use them:

Candle Holder

One of the most popular uses for glass jars is candle holders: just light one inside to create a wonderful lighting effect! For the candle does not erase easily, the hint is that it leave it lower than the pot; so the wind can not stop the flame.

Candlesticks can still gain a special charm by decorating the glass with ribbons, sisal, lace or any other material you prefer. Also worth putting sand or colored stones to help fix the candle.


Another possibility of decorating with glass jars is to make terrariums. Place a layer of stones to make the drain, and then add a portion of substrate to succulents. Arrange the plants and decorate the surface with gravel, stones or small wooden trunks: the result is charming!

If you like the idea of ​​having a corkscrew to store memories of good times between friends, you can also do it with a glass jar. Decorate the container with ribbons, sisal or rope and then just use the corks to fill it.

If you have good handwriting, you can also write some inspirational or fun phrase in the pot with your own writing pen in glass .

2. Do it yourself in the decoration: pallets and crates

Its decoration, in addition to being cheap, can be sustainable by reusing materials that would go into the trash. Here, two strong trends in DIY decoration are the objects made using wooden pallets and crates.


Pallets can be a raw material for the manufacture of furniture and decorative accessories. They can turn into mattress holders on sofas or beds, coffee tables, dividers and shelves for books and magazines and more. If you want to have a brand-new and stylish bookcase, for example, just stick the pallet on the wall and use the supports to organize your favorite objects.

Wooden crates

The reuse of crates, those of rustic wood, are an excellent option to decorate your space. They can be sanded, painted, varnished or used with the natural feature; the ideal look will depend on the style of your home.

You can use them as organizer boxes or even as shelves attached to the wall. If there are too many, you can set up a niche rack by joining various crates. When placed on foot, they can also replace bedside tables or side tables.

To customize your pallets and crates, just know how to choose the   appropriate craft materials . For those who prefer to keep the appearance of the wood apparent, but would like to darken it, it is possible to change the tone by applying bitumen . Or if you prefer an effect, we have special sponges.

3. Turn old objects into pots

Some used objects do not have to go to waste: they can become different and creative pots for your plants. The only remaining cup from an old game, pots that have lost the lid or cans, all have the potential to gain a new use in a charming arrangement.

The key to keeping plants healthy is to drill holes under the container. Without these holes, water from the watering is not drained properly and the roots run the risk of rotting.

Posted on July 12, 2018 at 04:50 PM

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