Do-It-Yourself Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

Do-it-yourself designs are increasingly present in interior decoration. And if you like to put your hand in the dough and economic ideas to make at home, you are in the right place, in this post, there will be  DIY tips.

Before we begin, let's first clarify the do-it-yourself concept, which comes from the "do it yourself" suit, as abbreviated. This practice refers to home projects that do not require professional help.

This practice arose during World War I, when materials were becoming increasingly scarce, and women of that time were instructed to reuse what they had at home to renovate furniture , clothing, and everything else that could be reused rather than replaced.

The movement became very strong in Brazil from the 2000s due to the possibility of reducing costs, reusing materials, and automatically contributing to the sustainability of the planet. All of this, and allied to the customization that do-it-yourself designs provide to the decor.

The vertical garden is a great solution for securing natural plants at home without taking up too much space. Take the step by step and make yours.

DIY Vertical Garden DIY

Write down the materials you will use:

·        wood

·        Garden vases

·        Plants

·        Rope

·        Metal ring

·        Drill for drilling wood

·        Sandpaper

·        Paint and varnish.

Step by step:

1. Turn the pot face up and measure square wood contemplating an average margin of 6cm for each side, these squares will serve as the base for the pot.

2. Use a round pot to measure the circle that needs to be removed to fit the pots, and cut with a circular saw.

3. After removing the circles of the wooden squares, check if the vases will fit ... All right? Let's go to the next step!

4. With the aid of the drill drill holes in the sides of the wood. Tip : Use a drill equivalent to the thickness of the rope you will use.

5. Sand the piece well to remove any lint that has been left in the wood drilling, and then paint or varnish it, as you wish.

6. If you want to customize the vases, use white paint to paint them and create that incredible look!

7. Everything ready? Time to set up your flower pot. Cut 4 pieces of rope of the same size and pass them through the holes of the wood, below each square make a knot.

8. Choose how high you want your garden to be vertical and leave a bit of rope to the second knot, add the square and repeat the procedure until all the pots are used.

9. If you are going to leave your vertical flower pot in the house, use a dish for the pot that is underneath, fix it with glue so that it retains the irrigated water of all the pots. If the garden stays in the outdoor area, you do not need to do this step.

10. Choose your plants according to your taste, you can use all of the same species or mix them, as you prefer !! Some suggestions: Orchids, succulents and cacti. For this vertical garden, varieties of succulents were chosen.

BONUS Tip : Include coffee filters in each vase before including soil and plant. They will help keep the soil moist longer and prevent it from falling.

Posted on July 12, 2018 at 04:49 PM

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